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All Foils specializes in precise coating and laminating required for flexible packaging and industrial lamination needs. With our in-house laboratory services, we can also provide customized laminating solutions for your unique applications. Several industries benefit from coated foils, such as food service, medical, automotive, and the arts.

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Laminated Foil

Laminated foil is a versatile product used for many consumer and industrial applications. For example, laminated foils are used in flexible packaging, ID tags, ham wrap, and point of purchase (POP) display. Adhesive foil laminating is used on a variety of substrates such as polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene, helping to boost product integrity. Plus, it provides vapor barrier characteristics.

All Foils’ foil lamination options are extremely varied, meaning you can acquire the laminated product specific to your needs. Laminated foil options include: Litho paper, polyester, polyethylene, Kraft paper, liner paper, linerboard, and tissue.

Laminated Paper

All Foils carries an inventory of laminated paper products with a range of surface treatments, substrates, laminates, and more. Surface treatment options include corona treating and flame treating, while substrates include aluminum, copper, metallized paper, and polyolefin. The laminate options are Litho paper, polyester, polyethylene, Kraft paper, linerboard/tag, and tissue. Paperboard lamination is popular because it provides barrier protection to aroma, moisture, oxygen, and water vapor. It is popular in food service industries and medical applications as well as arts and crafts.

Laminated Film

Film lamination is popular in food service and consumable goods applications due to their protective qualities. For example, film laminations are waterproof and tear proof, which allows them to keep goods odorless, dry, and humidity resistant. Plus, the reflectivity and structural integrity of laminated film adds another layer of protection. All Foils carries laminated film products in gauges ranging from .0005” to .010” and in widths up to 55.250”. Adhesive options include acrylic, rubber, and emulsion.

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Laminated Foils
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Laminated Foils
Laminated foil is a thin gauge ferrous and non-ferrous metal laminated to a variety of substrates